Protect your business's intellectual property to maximise your competitive advantage locally and around the world.

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  • James and Wells

    No wonder SMEs struggle with innovation

    Date Added: 26 Apr 2016

    For most SMEs, it is enough of a struggle trying to survive in a competitive market and generate a profit commensurate with the effort and risk, without the significant drain in time, effort and resources that research and development involves.

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  • EverEdge IP

    Understanding Your IP Position

    Date Added: 27 May 2013

    Having a good grasp of your intellectual property is paramount for a project to be commercially successful, says EverEdge IP CEO Paul Adams.

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  • EverEdge IP

    EverEdge IP

    Date Added: 27 May 2013

    EverEdge IP helps to transform your innovations into commercial success. As one of the world’s leading idea and technology commercialisation firms, EverEdge IP provides specialist resources and objective, insightful advice to maximise returns from your investment in new product development and intellectual property. Talk to us today to find out how EverEdge IP can help you transform your innovative ideas and intellectual property into export success.

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  • Policy complements to the strengthening of IPRS in developing countries

    Date Added: 30 Nov 2010

    The past two decades have witnessed an active period of global reform with respect to policies concerning Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). This paper examines – from an empirical, economic perspective – policies that complement the generally strengthened framework for IPRs in developing countries.

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  • Idealog Going Global

    Idealog Export Guide

    Date Added: 18 Oct 2010

    This Going Global guide presents first hand insights into the issues faced by businesses looking at overseas markets. It is a compelling read, offering practical advice to the challenges faced by exporters and the some of the pit falls to watch out for.

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