The Singapore market has great opportunity but careful planning by New Zealand companies is required to succeed. Below are some resources to assist you when considering exporting to Singapore.

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  • North Pacific Securities Ltd

    Date Added: 24 Sep 2013

    Sir Christopher Harris, North Pacific Securities Ltd, has been doing business in Singapore for many years and has an excellent relationship with the key people in the Singapore Business Federation and the wider Singapore business community. He is able to consult on business deals. Interested parties should do their own due diligence and can contact Sir Christopher Harris at for more information.

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  • Zedgro


    Date Added: 16 Jan 2013

    Let Zedgro help you find the huge opportunities you are missing in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore. Do you want market your own product or service – or perhaps outsource your production to Asia? Zedgro has trusted relationships with the regional suppliers, professionals, marketers and manufacturers you need already established…don’t risk going it alone.

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